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Dear Mr. Premack: I live in Washington. I have property here and in Texas, which I inherited. I do not like lawyers. I am an accomplished college graduate and want to just write my own Will. I found random information on the net. I was told specifically about you and that you were writing these articles (I see now for

Dear Mr. Premack: With the pandemic, I am wondering if it is legal to make a Will on my computer. I don’t mean using one of those shady online services. I mean not having any kind of printed paperwork, just having my Will be made and stored digitally. Is this legal to do? – R.G.

You are asking about an

Dear Mr. Premack: My husband and I already have a Will that we got online, but more research on Google seems to show us that Wills may not be the best approach for privacy. We would like to avoid probate using a Revocable Living Trust. Can you run through the pros- and cons- of that type of estate planning? –

Dear Mr. Premack: My wife and I have different opinions on disposition of our properties. Can you outline the procedures we should follow in order to take our community property and fairly convert it into separate property? In that manner, we each can make dispositions as we see fit. — L.F.

In Texas, all property acquired during marriage is community

Dear Mr. Premack: My parents are living. They still live at home and are doing fine. One of their friends died and the family had to do a probate. What is probate and when is it necessary? Does it have to happen? What can be done to reduce the chances of needing probate? –K.S.

One part of Probate is the

by Paul Premack, JD, CELA

The Texas Legislature passed SB 968, and the Governor signing it into law on June 16, 2021. It went into effect immediately.

SB 968 creates a new provision in Chapter 161 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, numbered as Section 161.0085. By state law, businesses are banned from asking a customer about the customer’s

Dear Mr. Premack: My wife and I completed a Community Property Survivorship Agreement with you years ago. We remember that the primary reason for the Agreement is to avoid probate. We have some questions and hope you can give us some answers. Thanks. – R.W.B.

Question: Does having a Community Property Survivorship Agreement really avoid probate? Does it have to

Dear Mr. Premack: My husband and I recently moved to Texas from Illinois. Do we need to make any changes to our Wills? – RS

Welcome! Texas is a community property state while Illinois is a common law state. Your out-of-state Wills should be modified. Here are some Texas formalities, among others which your experienced Texas legal counsel should consider

Dear Mr. Premack: The Texas legislature is out of session for 2021. Did they pass any new laws that may influence my estate planning? – R.B.

In each legislative term, the State Bar of Texas makes recommendations to the legislature about new laws attorneys would like to have passed, and about modifications to estate planning and probate laws which will