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Domestic Violence is a very hot topic now. Major personalities from government, business, entertainment, sports, and religious sectors are protesting Domestic Violence and working to help create stronger laws to protect the victims of such violence.  
If you are a Victim of Domestic Abuse, you must fight back! No one has the legal right to physically, mentally, or verbally

Pro se is a Latin term meaning “for oneself” or “on one’s own behalf.”  To represent oneself pro se means to advocating for one’s own self before a court, rather than being represented by counsel.  The right of a party to a legal action to represent his or her own cause has long been recognized in the United States, and

A partnership is an association of two or more people or entities that carry on as co-owners of a business for profit. Many people believe that formal paperwork is required to set up a business and begin, but this is not necessarily the case. A legal partnership in Texas may be created by written document, orally, or may be implied

Texas Home Owner Associations ( HOA ) : Are You in For Problems?

A HOA has the power to make every neighbor’s’ life a little easier by establishing restrictions that keep the neighborhood clean, safe, and accountable.

But certain issues , depending on the by-laws of your HOA, such as unjustified forced foreclosures, failure to repair plumbing or foundations, trying

Have you been harmed by the actions of another person or business in Texas? The Nacol Law Firm PC, in Dallas TX, represents clients in a broad scope of civil disputes, including:

Business Litigation, Contract Disputes, Real estate litigation and disputes,Corporate litigation,Probate and Will contests,Employment agreements,Breach of contract,Breach of non-disclosure agreements,Violation of fair-trade practices,Breach of fiduciary duty,Home-builder and seller warranty

The housing market has exploded in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area in the last several years through the move of many companies to relocation national/regional headquarters to Texas. New jobs have created an explosion in the DFW housing market bringing in many potential buyers. A nice home in a good neighborhood may last only a couple of days before