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A temporary restraining order, commonly known as a “TRO” is used in family law to place injunctions without a full hearing on one or both parties. These injunctions prohibit specific actions that could endanger or prove damaging to the property in a divorce or the children of a divorce. You should have an idea on what the process entails.

Effective September 1, 2019 The Texas Child Support Division of the Attorney General increased the Maximum child Support under the Texas Child Support Guidelines from $8,550 to the “new cap”of net monthly resources to $9200 annually. This change in the law will increase the amount of maximum child support from of $1,710.00 to $1,840.00 monthly (20% of $9200. For one

Divorces with children are painful and emotional under the best of circumstances, but a divorce with a “Special Needs Child” is usually a very complex and mentally stressful situation for all family members involved.  
The main goal in a “Special Needs” divorce is that all decisions affecting a child with disabilities must be in the “Best Interest of the

The Texas 87th Legislative Session of 2021 has been an active one for Texas Planned Communities (POA/HOA) with a substantial amount of filed bills on the administration of Texas Planned Communities. 

SB 1588: Effective September 1, 2021 – was the most important bill passed since multiple amendments were added to this bill including items from other failed bills. Attached are

A trust can be a useful tool in disbursing your estate during and after death. It is hard to consider one’s mortality but when you do finally accept that death is inevitable, it is prudent to have a dispositional scheme set up that will benefit your family. A Revocable Trust is a less complicated and more expeditious way for your

A ”contract” is a promise or set of promises with legal consequences.  The Texas Supreme Court has noted that every contract includes an element of confidence and trust that the parties will faithfully perform their obligations under the contract.
You may hear that an oral agreement is just as valid as a written agreement.  However, in a court of

There are many business structures an entrepreneur may employ in forming his business. Each structure is somewhat different and choosing a specific business model depends on each entrepreneur’s specific needs. Below are 6 important business vehicles that any entrepreneur should explore before making their final decision to start their business.

  • The Sole Proprietorship: This business structure is the most simple.
  • Starting a Texas business corporation is not as complicated as one might imagine. Corporations are widely used as a business structure for small thriving entrepreneurs for many reasons. Corporations allow limited liability, a pooling of resources from many parties willing to invest, centralized management, and free transferability of ownership at any time. All these reasons make the corporation business model