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You’ve obtained a money judgment, and your client is anxious to get paid. The judgment debtor files a notice of appeal and an affidavit claiming it has a negative net worth. The judgment debtor argues it is entitled to supersede the judgment without security. Now what? This post is the first of a two-parter explaining the procedure for contesting a

For a while, we seemed headed toward resuming in-person jury trials here in Travis County. A few live trials took place under the civil district judges’ pilot program, including a two-week proceeding before Judge Amy Clark Meachum that resulted in a record-setting plaintiff’s verdict. With the rise and persistence of the Delta variant, the Travis County district judges have paused

I get this question periodically. The short answer is that the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure don’t impose a deadline. But that doesn’t mean a relator (a party wishing to challenge a trial court’s order by filing a petition for writ of mandamus) can delay pursuing mandamus relief indefinitely. Rooted in Equity Mandamus is an extraordinary remedy, not a right,

I’m assisting trial counsel in a case in which the other side filed and set a no-evidence and traditional motion for summary judgment. We put together a response and filed it seven days before the hearing, which was set for the Tuesday morning after a Monday holiday. Around 4:00 p.m. on the Monday holiday, after I’d spent much of the