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As parents, we all do our best to instill our good values in our children. But sometimes, despite all our guidance, our children make poor personal and financial decisions.

Their poor judgment may be due to a lack of maturity that is temporary. Or it may be due to a long-term problem stemming from alcohol and drug abuse or another

If you own guns, you may be wondering whether you should transfer them to your Revocable Trust. There are a couple of reasons why that is generally a bad idea.

Reasons to Avoid Putting Guns in a Revocable Trust

First, the government regulates certain types of guns, known as “NFA firearms.” NFA firearms include machine guns, suppressors and silencers, short

A woman’s adoptive father was dying. She was worried, but not about what you’d expect.

You see, her father inherited a piece of family land from her grandmother that her grandmother always said would one day pass to her. Unfortunately, her relationship with her father had soured, and they had not spoken for years.

She knew her father had a

Lawyers use a lot of words when talking about wills, assuming that everyone knows their meaning.

But I realized early on that many people outside the legal community don’t understand what we’re talking about. Below are some words lawyers use when talking about Wills, defined in plain English.

  • Testate: Dying testate means dying having made a valid Will. Wills allow
  • When someone dies owning real estate, that property cannot be sold or transferred until the decedent’s name is removed from the title. Probate records become a link in the chain of title, demonstrating that the decedent’s property has passed to someone else.

    But in cases where the decedent’s only asset is real estate, and there are no outstanding debts besides

    Your typewritten Will likely reflected all your wishes when you originally signed it, but things may have changed.

    It may be that you’d like to replace the executor you originally selected with another trusted family member. Or perhaps, you’ve decided that you’d like Grandma’s china to pass to your niece, rather than your nephew. And you would like your newly

    Trusts with spendthrift provisions protect assets from claims of creditors because they prevent the beneficiary or any other creditor from forcing a trustee to turn over trust assets to satisfy a judgment or a claim.

    Some states and foreign countries allow people to create asset protection trusts for their own benefit. However, the general rule in Texas is that person

    A neighbor was at home with her young children when someone claiming to be an IRS agent called her.

    He told her that she owed back taxes and demanded that she pay immediately over the phone. He told her an agent was en route to arrest her if she did not comply.

    Sensing that something was amiss, she hung up

    A Miller Trust, or qualified income trust, is an irrevocable trust that allows individuals qualify for Medicaid long-term care services, such as nursing home care, when they earn more income than Medicaid’s income limit.

    The Texas Income Cap

    Texas is one of 12 states that has an income cap to qualify for Medicaid nursing home care. In addition to having