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Britney Spears, as almost everyone knows, had been under “conservatorship” in California.  What does that mean?  Do not try to make me understand California “law”, but if Britney was a Texan, we wouldn’t call it conservatorship. We would call it guardianship, and Ms. Spears would likely never have had a guardian for her as an […]
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House and Senate Democrats are working with the Biden administration to pass legislation to fund their infrastructure initiatives, including wide-ranging social programs, and tax legislation to pay for those programs, at least in part.  The House Ways and Means Committee released their tax proposals on September 13 and they have wide-ranging effects on high income […]
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In Texas, guardianship is the legal process where one person is granted legal control over another person’s affairs.  There are broadly two types of guardianships:  guardianship of the person and guardianship of the estate.  A guardianship of the person is to be granted control over the decision-making authority of another, usually to make medical, residential, […]
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Congress has passed an infrastructure spending bill and is considering a much larger package proposed by President Biden, and with new spending comes potential new tax legislation to pay for it.  Has the bill that has passed and the proposals on the table impacted estate tax planning?  The simple answer is “not so far.”  The […]
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A question we get often in our practice is — “Is it too late to go through probate”, whether you’re talking about your mother, sibling, parent’s estate, grandparent’s estate or great-grandparents estate? The answer is, No. It’s never too late to do probate. Unfortunately, probate problems don’t go away with time. They don’t […]
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