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Privacy Plus+Privacy, Technology and PerspectiveClearview AI is “Persona non Grata:” Clearview AI (Clearview) may be the world’s largest source of photographs and related biometric information, widely used in facial-recognition products.  We have written about Clearview in previous posts, including the

Privacy Plus+Privacy, Technology and PerspectivePrepping for Cyber-Attacks. Since the invasion of Ukraine, the risk of cyber-attacks, and especially the risk of attacks against critical infrastructure, has increased significantly. Already, destructive malware deployed in Ukraine (i.e. WhisperGate, HermeticWiper, etc.) threatens to

Privacy Plus+Privacy, Technology and PerspectiveThe Perfect Storm: Facial Recognition.  Every week it seems that facial recognition and related AI make headlines, but these technologies remain unregulated by federal law. Moreover, police departments and agencies like Homeland Security continue to contract