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On March 25, 1911, a tragic event known as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire killed 146 workers who were trapped inside a burning factory with no way to escape the blazing flames. Besides claims that the owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory had a history of committing insurance fraud in other buildings they previously owned, there were many crucial factors which led to the deaths of these… Source
Working on an oilfield is anything but a standard 9-5 job. It’s a job which calls for employees to do intense labor in dangerous conditions. One wrong move can get one person seriously injured, or, it may be bad enough to cause an oilfield accident. You’ve probably heard of the damage oilfield accidents can do to the environment. But, such accidents can cause a big number of casualties and serious… Source
The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources confirmed that Wild Well Control of Houston personnel were on site Tuesday, May 25, 2021 when the well exploded into flames in the Belle Isle Field. The injured workers had been dispatched earlier in the week to permanently plug an abandoned well. According to the well’s operator, Houston-based Texas Petroleum Investment Co., a spark triggered the… Source
Generally speaking, jobs or businesses that involve being offshore are fundamentally dangerous. For example, offshore workers encounter dangers on a daily basis that expose them to serious injuries or death. According to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (“BSEE”), there were six workers were killed while working offshore. Moreover, 222 workers sustained injuries while working… Source
From wasteful government projects to dictators permanently seizing emergency powers after being democratically elected, bad policies usually aren’t marketed as being bad. No. They come wrapped in shiny packaging, glittering with the promise of making everyone’s lives better, especially normal people. Tort reform is no different. It’s sold as cutting down on “frivolous” lawsuits… Source
On May 25, 2021, a gas well located at Belle Isle Field exploded injuring at least eight workers. According to reports, the incident occurred around 3:00 pm while workers were attempting to cap the abandoned well. A spokesperson for Texas Petroleum Investment Company released the following statement: “[C]ontractors working to cap a well in the Belle Isle Field were injured when a spark ignited… Source
On May 15, 2021, Tim Stringer, a dedicated offshore contractor, was tragically killed while working at Fieldwood Energy’s offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The incident occurred on Eugene Island 158 No. 14, an unmanned platform that is located about 50 miles south of Marsh Island, Louisiana. According to Rigzone, Fieldwood confirmed that Stringer was participating in a “non-emergency… Source
An 18-wheeler accident is difficult to imagine, much less live through. Despite a large number of 18-wheelers on our roads and highways, nobody really expects to be involved in an accident with one. Nevertheless, motorists continue to share roads throughout the country with these massive vehicles. The effects of an 18-wheeler accident are devastating. 18-wheelers are often 20-30 times the size and… Source
Under maritime law, ship owners owe a legal duty to ensure that their vessels are “seaworthy.” If a vessel is unseaworthy, offshore workers who get hurt due to its unseaworthiness are entitled to seek financial compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. The following are 10 common examples of unseaworthiness that can lead to claims for financial… Source
Maritime workers in the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding areas face some of the most dangerous working conditions in the country. Workers who spend their time onboard vessels – both in port and at sea – are particularly at risk due to the many inherent dangers that vessels present. Unfortunately, ship owners, oil companies and other employers often exacerbate these dangers by failing to take… Source