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Fleming Law is proud to announce the winners of the firm’s 2021 Scholarships. Many well written essays where submitted and, as in years past, the decision select the winners was a difficult one.
Undergraduate Scholarship Winner – Kamren Brock
From: Georgia
Attending: College of Coastal Georgia
Kamren is attending the College of Coastal Georgia where he is studying Environmental Science.

Some motorcycle accidents lead to significant injuries that obviously require immediate medical attention. But in other instances, the consequences are less clear. Your injuries could seem minor at first but become major problems later on. That’s why some people wonder, “Should I seek medical attention after my motorcycle accident?” The answer is clear: yes.
You need to see a doctor

Suffering from an injury is something everyone will deal with many times in their lives. If you’re jogging in the park you might trip, fall and scrape your knee or when playing football with friends you might dislocate a finger. We all know that, in order to recover, you need to treat these injuries.
For people who’ve sustained head injuries