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How Texas law treats negligence in a personal injury case. Determining who’s at fault isn’t always straightforward.
What is “negligence” in a personal injury case?
Negligence is defined by the Legal Dictionary as:
In one word, negligence can be described

Seeking Help After an Austin Car Accident
Are you an Austin TX resident that’s been involved in a recent car crash? Do you want to seek compensation for your injuries, but are uncertain of how to go about doing so?

Joint and Several Liability in Texas Multiple Vehicle Collisions
I had a client come into my office who had been in a serious car accident.  He sustained significant injuries from the crash and had already accumulated very high medical bills. 

Social Media Can Ruin Your Personal Injury Case
Ever scrolled through your Facebook feed to find someone complaining about their day? Perhaps you’ve even seen someone complain about an accident, and explain in detail what happened, and how it was