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Joint and Several Liability in Texas Multiple Vehicle Collisions
I had a client come into my office who had been in a serious car accident.  He sustained significant injuries from the crash and had already accumulated very high medical bills.  My client was a passenger in a car driven by a friend. 
Their vehicle was struck from the side by

Social Media Can Ruin Your Personal Injury Case
Ever scrolled through your Facebook feed to find someone complaining about their day? Perhaps you’ve even seen someone complain about an accident, and explain in detail what happened, and how it was or wasn’t their fault. Well, they made a huge mistake. Turns out, when you make an insurance claim, they look

Currently in Texas a system exists where uninsured claimants receive the benefit of having their total medical bills submitted to the jury. In contrast, claimants whose medical bills are paid by health insurance may not be submitted to the jury.
Why does it matter?
The current system generally creates a situation in which medically insured claimants may find it more

Understanding how insurance contracts work can be very beneficial when you are deciding if you need a lawyer after a car crash or other serious personal injury. There are seven basic principles applicable to insurance contracts relevant to personal injury and car accident cases:

  • Utmost Good Faith
  • Insurable Interest
  • Proximate Cause
  • Indemnity
  • Subrogation
  • Contribution
  • Loss Minimization
  • Below we explain

    What is a Frivolous Lawsuit?
    The most publicized argument for damage caps has been to prevent “frivolous lawsuits.” As Texas passed tort reform acts over the last few decades, the word “frivolous” was tossed by supporters of reform and scowled at by protesters. “Frivolous lawsuits” are the lawsuits that are filed by freeloaders looking for some quick cash or by

    Holiday Injuries

    Holiday Injuries: Don’t Let Your “Ho Ho Ho!” Turn Into An “Oh No Oh No!”
    Keep Holidays Accident and Injury Free
    By now, most of us have put up all our holiday decorations and are enjoying the majestic quality of lit up houses and trees in windows. Decorations add to our overall Christmas spirit and spiked eggnog compensates

    Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Texas

    Do you have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle in Texas? Some riders are required to wear a helmet in Texas.

    • You must wear a helmet if you are under 21.
    • You may ride without one if you are over 21 and meet an eligible helmet exemption.
    • All riders are encouraged to wear a