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Amazon® is an incredible source of opportunity for entrepreneurs of all kinds — but also a major source of headaches when it comes to infringement. It can be frustrating to find knockoff versions of your products being sold on this platform, and confusing to figure out the best way to stop it. If you are worried

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E-sports is a relatively new venture—the world of professional gaming is still in development. For that reason, there are no standard contracts or standard terms, and it can be very easy for the unwary to unknowingly contract away their valuable right. Here are a few things for players to consider when entering into this industry:  Streamer

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In a previous post we discussed how Performance Rights Organizations (or “PROs”) govern the ability for the general public to perform music owned by music artists, writers, publishers, and other rights holders. There is, however, a practical question: how does one actually secure proper licensing or ensure a given license fully covers that song’s use? Given

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The importance of a company’s social media presence cannot be overstated and should be a central part of your marketing and branding strategies. Although social media is a great tool to engage with your customers and is a differentiator for many brands, social media can go sideways very quickly. So here are some solutions to