The Internet poses a variety of challenges to traditional copyright law. Notably, the Internet facilitated new avenues for potential infringement. Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in 1998 to address these new challenges.[1] Namely, the DMCA served as a response to the increase in Internet piracy and sought to promote e-commerce by strengthening the protection of copyright

Contracts play an important role in day-to-day business operations and drive economic activity across the globe.  And when one party to a contract fails to live up to its obligations, the other party or parties may be damaged.  Texas law provides a cause of action for a breach of contract.  Aggrieved parties may be entitled to recover not only damages,

Installment Agreements Generally. 
Taxpayers do not always have the financial wherewithal to pay all of their federal tax obligations on time.  In these instances, the Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”)[i] grants taxpayers with a statutory right to request additional time to make full or partial payment through an installment agreement.[ii]  If the IRS accepts the terms of

A settlement agreement can be beneficial to all parties – it may help reduce litigation costs, facilitate dispute resolution, or guide the parties to a common understanding. However, settlement agreements do not come without risk. Settlement agreements should be entered into with care and with an understanding of the terms—and their implications. Austin Trust Co. v. Houren presents a good

In January of 2021, the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA) went into effect, marking the most significant changes to federal anti-money laundering laws since the USA Patriot Act of 2001. The AMLA represents an attempt to modernize the federal approach to fighting terrorism financing and money laundering.
This sweeping legislation contains some 56 sections.  Some of the most

DeFi, or decentralized finance, has experienced unprecedented growth over the last few years, resulting in a market cap of approximately $85 billion as of October 2021. Built on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, DeFi has the potential to revolutionize finance by allowing users to borrow, lend, trade, and execute other financial transactions without a centralized authority or financial intermediary. Despite

Originally enacted on July 4, 1966, the Freedom of Information Act established a statutory right of public access to Executive Branch information held by the federal government.  The FOIA provides that any person has a right, enforceable in court, to obtain access to federal agency records under the Act, except to the extent that any portions of those records are