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We often receive questions from pro se litigants about how to file their case documents electronically. This short guide will help you get started with e-filing in Texas without an attorney. Don’t forget to check out the other blog posts

El Distrito Escolar Independiente de Houston organiza la segunda celebración anual Chávez-HuertaHouston Independent School District Hosts Second Annual Chávez-Huerta Celebration

Hoy, 28 de marzo, es un día feriado para los estudiantes y personal del Distrito Escolar Independiente de Houston (HISD)

This blog post is the first in a new series from Ex Libris Juris highlighting common topics in civil procedure (Civ Pro). The majority of those who use the services here at the Harris County Robert W. Hainsworth Law Library

Defeating GoliathOn March 18, 1963, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Gideon v . Wainwright that the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of counsel in criminal cases is a fundamental right, essential to a fair trial, as provided by the Due

Be honest. How many of you have considered, or at least thought about, writing the next great American novel, or perhaps documenting your life and experiences in a memoir? If so, it has probably crossed your mind that you need

Title: Intermediate Legal Research on WestlawPresented By: Dayne Tracy, Customer Trainer – GovernmentEvent Type/Location: Virtual (Teams)Duration: 60 minutesDate/Time: Thursday, March 17, 2022, at 2 p.m.Cost: FREEEarn: Texas – 1 hour of MCLEProgram Description: Go beyond the basics of legal research