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Cars and trucks are updated with new technology every year. New features run the gamut from gimmick to genuine advancement. Car manufacturers want you to believe that their products are better than ever, but how much do drivers actually gain?

Younger Drivers Could Use the Help

It is not surprising to most that young drivers are significantly more likely to

Reporting Rules After a Car Accident

Informing the local police department or sheriff’s office of your car accident is a legal requirement in Texas. That applies to any crash where someone was injured or killed, or if a vehicle was damaged too much to be driven away safely. It is a good idea to err on the side of caution

How Common Are Drunk Driving Fatalities?

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is currently running a campaign designed to show people the seriousness of drunk driving. The campaign, “Faces of Drunk Driving,” attacks a problem that is more common than many people believe. In 2020, 963 people were killed in drunk driving accidents in Texas. That works out to around

There is a normal relationship between how many miles people drive and how many car accidents there are. For example, lower gas prices have long been associated with a rise in highway fatalities, because cheap gas means more driving.

One of the few bright spots associated with people staying home because of the pandemic was that fewer people were supposed

3D rendering of a car accident with a van tipped over and emergency vehicles approaching.The Most Dangerous Places in Dallas for Truck Accidents

The Texas Department of Transportation keeps records of all the motor vehicle accidents in our state, including the truck accidents that occur here. The records that they and other state and federal agencies keep can help determine

Hours of Service Regulations & Truck Accidents
Semi truck accidents are incredibly dangerous, often resulting in serious injury and death. To help combat the frequency of these accidents, the FMCSA has put forth several hours of service regulations to prevent truck drivers from working round the clock. Will these regulations affect your truck accident case?
What Are Hours of Service