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“The Supreme Court of Texas recently determined that section 17.028 of thecivil practice and remedies code provides the exclusive means for service of processon a financial institution. Section 17.028 requires service on the institution’s registered agent. The … court held

Mike Lynn and I have an article in the latest Oklahoma Law Review about a fiendishly tricky issue with some “battles of the forms” under the Uniform Commercial Code. A few years back, Mike had a hard-fought trial about this

In an insurance-coverage dispute arising from a theft of gold coins with a fraudulent check, the supreme court said: “We hold that a loss sustained “consequent upon” an event connotes but-for causation under the policy’s exclusion of coverage for property

“The denied discovery was necessary to develop a defense that goes to the heart of ExxonMobil’s case—that the providers’ rates were unreasonable. Additionally, the effects of the trial court’s denial of discovery will evade review by any higher court because

In addition to other points about “apex depositions,” the supreme court rejected an argument that an unreasonable delay barred mandamus relief:

“American reasonably explained the year-long period between the trial court’s order compelling Eberwein’s deposition and American’s mandamus filing in