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“[A]ppellants assert that the order disposes of all issues based, in part, on language at the end of the order stating that ‘[a]ll other relief not expressly provided for herein is DENIED.’ The Texas Supreme Court, however, has specifically rejected

The Fifth Court deftly aligned the parties’ arguments about mask requirements with the Texas Disaster Act’s statement of purpose in Abbott v. Jenkins: “Based on the evidence in the record, the trial court acted within its discretion to conclude

(This is a crosspost from 600Hemphill.) The Energizer Bunny, famously, keeps on going. Not so, the contract between Pura-Flo and Donald Clanton, under which Pura-Flo committed to pay Clanton a monthly fee for the use of fifty water coolers.

“An unexplained delay of four months or more can constitute laches and result in denial of mandamus relief … Here, relator did not file the petition for writ of mandamus until September 22, 2021–five months after the challenged order. We

In a temporary-injunction appeal, the Fifth Court reasoned: “During the time of COVID, remote proceedings and electronic submissions are the rule rather than the exception. Sohail’s submission of his affidavit and other evidence electronically prior to the Zoom videoconference was