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Scams continue to target Texas attorneys

Update 8/7/2020: We received notice from the Dallas Bar Association of another scam targeting Texas attorneys. They let us know that the following message went out to their members this morning: Please be aware of an email scam promoting a Gofundme account related to a sick child that is targeting some DBA members. This is NOT

Scams continue to target Texas attorneys

Update  7/14/2020: We received reports of two more scams. A Texas attorney was notified that someone was impersonating them. An Arizona resident was contacted by the Foreign Asset Control to inform him he was appointed a law firm to represent him in a matter in Mexico. This law firm included the Texas attorney, though the law

Scams continue to target Texas attorneys

Update 2/5/20: We received reports from two more attorneys who received the same scam as the one we reported on January 27, with slight variations in the emails they received. The emails were also from Compass Upstream Services, LLC out of Austin, TX, soliciting help in drafting an equipment lease agreement but were were from a

Attorney general alerts crime victims about scammers

The Office of the Attorney General warned Texans on Thursday about a reported scam where callers are falsely claiming to be staff members of the OAG’s Crime Victim Services Division. The scammers are attempting to obtain personal and financial information from the people receiving the calls. An OAG news release about the scam reports that...… Continue Reading

Scams Continue to Target Texas Attorneys

Updated 9/18/2019: We received a report of another scam. An attorney received an email from a scammer using the name of a law firm from Texas but with an email using a domain address from Australia: The email states that the attorney is being sued by the scammer’s client, must download a link to find out the

Scams Continue to Target Texas Attorneys

Update 6/24/2019: We received a report of another scam. An attorney was contacted by a scammer who requested to retain the attorney’s representation for a dog bite case. The scammer claimed they were bit by a dog, that the dog’s owner had agreed to pay a settlement for medical expenses, and that the dog owner had

Sophisticated scam targets Texas attorney

Last fall, a Texas attorney was contacted through Martindale-Hubbard to assist in potential bankruptcy representation for a Nova Scotia, Canada-based company, which was seeking funds owed from a Houston-based firm. It was a sophisticated scam—and quite different from usual ones in the following ways: (1) the first check the scammer sent was a valid check...… Continue Reading

Scams continue with fake law firm websites

Texas attorneys continue to be targeted by online scammers. Throughout 2017, there were several attempts to coerce people into sending money while claiming to work for real law firms. In a recent rash of scams, websites have been designed to mirror firms’ very real pages. But there are giveaways—and resources for verifying the not-so obvious...… Continue Reading