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E-Mail # 1 dated May 5th — Me to Prosecutors, CLO and Court Coordinator:  Hello.  My client is on the docket for a (6 month) PTI completion on May 16th.  I believe she is in full compliance.  Would it be

It’s hard to believe that we’re already two weeks into February of 2022.  It seems like New Year’s Day was last week.  I’m losing track of time, and the Early Voting is starting Monday, February 14th for the 2022 Primaries

 In a meeting with the judges a year or so ago, Harris County District Attorney’s Office First Assistant David Mitcham expressed his frustration with the judges and bond reform, giving them a warning that those who didn’t share District

When I was growing up in Bryan (which was a far smaller town in the 1970s than it is now), I was brought up under the belief that judges were the closest thing to nobility that a small Texas town

Oh man.  Kimbra.  Just when I think she can’t be a more shamelessly self-aggrandizing politician, she pulls something new out of her little white Boss Ogg hat.Today, she released a pre-recorded message to her Assistant District Attorneys that was chock full

I think that it’s fair to say that those of us who practice criminal law down at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center on a regular basis are starting to sense a movement towards a return to normalcy these days. 

Kim Ogg had jury duty Wednesday.How do we know this?Because like any good self-promoting and self-aggrandizing politician like Kim Ogg, she made sure that the world knew it through multiple Twitter posts that let a breathless audience know that even