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When you experience an incapacitating injury, you may not be able to function as you once did, including performing household duties and doing your previous work. Worse yet, you may not be able to keep your job due to an

Texas alone ships more than 100 million tons of cargo domestically each year, and Houston is second in the nation for maritime jobs. The Port of Houston’s economic activity helps make Texas one of the top three states in the

Texas has the highest number of car accident fatalities of any state in the country. According to state officials, on average, more than 11 people died each day in traffic-related accidents on Texas roadways in 2021. With Houston being the

Oil rig workers have very dangerous jobs, surrounded by flammable and toxic materials as well as heavy machinery that can malfunction or otherwise cause a hazard. Those working on certain types of oil rigs at sea qualify as seamen, which

While the jobs are financially beneficial for our nation’s hard workers, working on an offshore oil rig is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States and beyond. Many dangers lurk while working offshore, but the most dangerous