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When driving in Texas, there are right of way laws that drivers must abide by to keep themselves and others on the road safe. Failing to observe them can result in penalties, or worse, a car accident.

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The Move Over/Slow Down law in Texas requires motorists to change lanes and take caution on the road when approaching an authorized emergency or service utility vehicle and personnel while they are stopped on the side of the road. It

A ridesharing accident is different from a typical car accident since liability isn’t always straightforward. Normally, an at-fault driver is responsible for resulting damages, but that can change if they were working at the time the accident occurs.
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If you were injured in a car accident caused by a recalled part, you may be able to pursue compensation from multiple parties, including the manufacturer. In Texas, product liability laws make any person or entity involved in creating or

Araba kazası ortalama uzlaşma tutarını belirleyecek kesin bir formül veya hesaplama yöntemi olmamakla birlikte sigorta şirketi nezdindeki talebinizin veya davanızın, sigorta şirketi ve jüri tarafından nasıl değerlendirileceği konusunda devreye girebilecek birçok faktör vardır. Bu faktörleri aşağıdaki gibi sıralayabiliriz:
1. Somut

The novel Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people live their daily lives. What was at first thought of as an emergency that would at some point disappear has morphed into a world-wide pandemic that has taken the lives of