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Jack Daniel’s v. VIP presented the question whether a dog toy, with the general appearance of a Jack Daniel’s bottle, infringed the Jack Daniel’s trademarks. The matter reached the Supreme Court because of a dispute over whether to (a) apply

In Ortiz v. Jordan, 562 U.S. 180 (2011), the Supreme Court “held that an order denying summary judgment on sufficiency of the evidence grounds is not apealable after a trial …. a party who wants to preserve a sufficiency challenge

The complex trial-court system in Texas led to Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.065, which suspends limitations for 60 days after a dismissal for lack of jurisdiction. Simple enough, in theory. But in Sanders v. The Boeing Co.,

The Fifth Circuit affirmed the certification of a class of GEICO car-insurance policyholders in Angell v. GEICO Adv. Ins. Co., holding, inter alia: 3 ways to breach 1 contract = 1 injury. “GEICO’s failure to remit any of the three

Complex litigation about the settlement of a patent dispute led to two straightforward jurisdictional holdings in National Oilwell Varco, LP v Auto-Dril, Inc.: Res judicata still applies. While “[p]arties may not waive the issue of subject matter jurisdiction,” it is

Contentious litigation about the governance of the Jackson Municipal Airport again reached the Fifth Circuit in Jackson Municipal Airport Auth. v. Harkins, The Court accepted jurisdiction in a document-production dispute for reasons unique to governmental privilege, but its waiver reasoning

Among other issues presented by an unsuccessful attempt to relitigate an unsuccessful state-court takings claim in federal court, the Fifth Circuit reminded rhat the word “final” can have many meanings:

Despite skepticism in other opinions about vaccination programs in response to the COVID pandemic (especially when religious-liberty issues are in play), the Fifth Circuit reversed and rendered judgment for a prison doctor who administered an antipsychotic drug to a dangerous

Turtle Island Foods (d/b/a Tofurky) makes plant-based food products, such as plant-based burgers, sausages, etc. It sued the Louisiana Agriculture Commissioner

A copyright action is governed by a three-year statute of limitations. In Martinelli v. Hearst Newspapers, LLC, the Fifth Circuit confirmed that recent Supreme Court decisions did not overruled Circuit precedent