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The Marys, landowners in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, complained that a pipeline had exceeded the scope of a servitude over their land, and sought disgorgement of the pipeline’s profits. The Fifth Circuit reviewed “the concepts of accession and fruits under Louisiana

A high-profile case about a child’s gruesome accident produced considerable media coverage, but the insurer’s awareness of that coverage did not satisfy the insurance policy’s “claim” requirement: “The fact that [the insured] became aware of media reports about Braylon’s injuries

An unexpected cameo by William Butler Yeats . . .
. . . set the tone for an issue of ancillary jurisdiction, and a holding that when a case is dismissed per a settlement, the district court may keep jurisdiction

Key aspects of an asbestos-exposure case presented genuine issues of material fact, rather than impermissible speculation, and made summary judgment inappropriate:

  • Potential exposure to airborne material. “[T]he MDL court accepted that Williams worked, for some amount of time, in a