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Having a criminal record can make life more difficult in many ways, including affecting a person’s ability to get a loan, their insurance rates, whether they can sign a lease to rent an apartment, or if they can find a

As the cannabis industry becomes more mainstream and longtime marijuana users can enjoy legally partaking in marijuana consumption in various parts of the country, the available products have become more varied. One such cannabis product is called Delta-8, a popular

In Texas, felonies are the most severe level of a criminal offense. The State of Texas punishes felony crimes with incarceration in state jail (for lesser offenses) or state prison (for the majority of felonies). Some felony convictions also come

Many people have dogs as pets and love them just like family members. Unfortunately, dogs are still animals and have animal instincts that can kick in and turn your furry best friend into a dangerous force in certain situations. While

Even though we put our trust into an Uber driver’s hands thinking they will keep us safe during our ride or while we are sharing the road, not every driver is perfect and that includes rideshare drivers. If you were

Being the fourth most populous city in the country, Houston has a significant number of car accidents of all types. In each incident, one or more parties can be at fault for causing the crash. Sometimes, things go smoothly or

Most people probably think robbery and burglary are interchangeable phrases for theft or stealing. Stealing is always considered stealing, right? In Texas, state law defines theft in multiple ways with specific punishments assigned for each type of crime. When considering

The construction industry remains busy and continues to be bustling in Texas even during the pandemic. While those working in construction work hard and are grateful for their opportunities, job sites can be riddled with risk, and often employers and