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Family traditions are often at the center of many holiday celebrations. Traditions often include decorating for the holidays both indoors and out. For many families, the annual tree trimming coincides with a plethora of holiday décor that is a treasured

Frequently Asked Questions for Suicide Prevention Month Every year, tens of thousands of people commit suicide, leaving family members, spouses, and friends struggling not only with the magnitude of their pain and loss, but also with feelings of guilt and

What are my rights when I get hurt on the job? If you’re injured on the job, like a lot of people you probably assume that your employer is going to help you pay for things like medical bills, physical

The Best Destinations to Enjoy the Texas Summer Summer is in full-swing, and plenty of people are getting into the groove of the season with trips and activities to beat the heat and enjoy themselves with friends and family. But

Mental Health Awareness Month 2021 It is estimated 1,500 patients die each year by suicide in our hospitals and many thousands more make non-fatal attempts. Among other factors, investigations have shown these injuries and deaths can be attributed to inadequate

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2021 Sexual Assault by a Person in Authority April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, an important time to help raise awareness and educate people about sexual assault, and GreeningLaw, P.C. wants people understand that if they

How do birth injuries happen? We’ve gone over some of the emotional, financial, and health consequences of birth injuries, but it’s also important to understand why certain birth injuries happen, and why doctors and other medical providers need to be