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Landlords and building owners often do not manage their properties themselves. They typically do not have the time or expertise to actually tend to the property. To do this, they hire a specialized property manager who has experience in things

Many salaried employees in Texas may not think about overtime as something they need to worry about, however, employment law can be complicated, and some salaried employees could be missing out on rightfully earned overtime pay. If an employer fails

Sexual abuse can occur to any gender orientation at any age through a variety of scenarios. Only recently as abuse victims have felt more empowered to come forward with their stories, and laws have been changed to extend the ability

When doing business in Texas, you will inevitably run into some form of contract, either written or verbal, that will create a business relationship with another party. Contracts are meant to put into detail what is legally expected of each

General contractors are the backbone of residential and commercial construction. They are trusted by thousands of Texans each day to keep construction projects moving forward. General contractors often use subcontractors to keep their projects on schedule and complete construction on

After a loved one passes, it can be an incredibly emotional and stressful time. While dealing with an unimaginable loss, you may also be the named beneficiary of that loved one’s life insurance policy meaning you may receive the benefits

Employees are expected to only use company property and assets appropriately and within the scope of their employment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as many employees have been caught misusing company assets for their own personal benefit. While