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It is a new year! Will this be a year when we overcome our struggles and defeat the coronavirus? Will we be living in some sort of Groundhog Day where 2021 looks a lot like 2020? Will it be a

One of the largest concerns for companies today is keeping their trade secrets safe. In Texas, companies are protected from the misappropriation or theft of them under the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act (“TUTSA”). Essentially, TUTSA provides the framework on

You are a company leader. You’re getting ready for work. You turn on the television and see the name of your company blasted all over the news. You discover that there is a group that is very publicly advocating for

This is one of the most impactful years that the Supreme Court has had on labor and employment law. The Court took on a number of important and controversial issues including gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination, the DACA program,

Onboarding a new employee is tough. Onboarding a new employee remotely is even harder. There are several considerations that every company needs to have before they bring on a new employee especially in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses are slowly returning to normal from the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic. However, there are still a number of issues that are employers are facing. Of course, the most important issue for many employers is making sure that their business survives. Unfortunately,