McKinsey.com reported that “To make SaaS, serverless, and open source work for new businesses, incumbent companies must completely rethink their IT strategy, redesign processes, embed new approaches and mindsets, redesign security, and attract a new type of talent. The benefits

Darkreading.com asked this question “How can SaaS vendors demonstrate proof of their commitment to taking their customers’ data security seriously?” because a “…2020 survey found that 52% of companies were using cloud services that had experienced a breach involving user

Darkreading.com reported these comments from Sandeep Chandana (director at McAfee’s MVISION Cloud group) that “…a large portion of the cloud attacks in Q4 were targeted at Microsoft Office 365 accounts. The attacks could be classified as either distributed login attacks

HelpNetSecurity.com reported that “Enterprises are embracing multi-cloud architecture to prevent data loss or downtime due to a localized component failure, ensure security compliances, and meet workload requirements. The demand for the deployment of 4G/5G networks globally is also expected to

HelpNetSecurity.com reported the comments from John Buzzard (Lead Analyst, Fraud & Security, with Javelin Strategy & Research) “The pandemic inspired a major shift in how criminals approach fraud,…Identity fraud has evolved and now reflects the lengths criminals will take to

HelpNetSecurity.com reported that about a study which “…highlighted major concerns for the virtual workforce, with 52% of respondents stating that identity-specific threats are keeping them up at night. For a workforce that is both remote and distributed, decision-makers expressed concern