The motions panel ruled in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA, No. 23-10362 (April 12, 2023). In a nutshell, the panel majority concludes that (1) the plaintiffs have standing based on the percentage of mifepristone users who have side effects, (2) the plaintiffs’ challenge to FDA’s original approval of mifepristone for use in medication abortions is likely time-barred, and (3) FDA did not meet its burden, as the party seeking a stay, to show that plaintiff’s other challenges to FDA’s regulation of mifepristone were time-barred or otherwise fatally flawed. Judge Haynes would have granted an administrative stay and otherwise deferred to the merits panel (who is, in fact, not constrained by any of (1)-(3)). Further proceedings in the Supreme Court appear likely.

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