Dream Medical Group v. Old South Trading Co. reminds how hard it is to challenge the merits of an arbitration award.

Dream Medical bought medical face masks from Old South. They had a contract dispute that went to arbitration with the AAA. Dream Medical won and Old South opposed confirmation.

Among other arguments, Old South complained that its fraudulent-inducement claim was mishandled, in that the panel violated a AAA rule by not fully considering Old South’s fraudulent-inducement claim, and thus came within the FAA’s provision about arbitrators who “exceeded their powers.”

The Fifth Circuit rejected that argument as an invitation for us to reasses the merits of the Panel’s decision.” It also noted that “manifest disregard of the law” is not a viable, nonstatutory basis for opposing confirmation under Fifth Circuit precedent. No. 22-20286 (March 6, 2023) (unpublished).

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