In In re Five Star Global, LLC, the Fifth Court granted mandamus relief to restore a case to the jury-trial docket, when the effort to enforce a jury waiver came too late:

“In addition to paying the jury fee, real parties also explicitly demanded a jury in six pleadings filed between November 15, 2019 and October 21, 2020. Although real parties deleted the “Jury Demand” paragraph in two of the pleadings, those pleadings still requested a jury in the prayer section, and the “Jury Demand” paragraph even re-appeared in their October 21, 2020 pleading. Moreover, real parties never objected to FSG’s jury demand until they filed their motion to strike in February 2021, which was fifteen months after they initiated the lawsuit against FSG.”

No. 05-22-00153-CV (Aug. 15, 2022) (mem. op.).

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