Robinson v. Ardoin addressed whether to stay a preliminary injunction in a highly technical Voting Rights Act case about Louisiana’s congressional districts. The Court’s analysis of timeliness is of general interest in preliminary injunction practice involving similar situations (a board election or vote, etc.), even though some of the policy interests involved are unique to elections for public office. The key facts were:

  • The primary election at issue was five months away; the deadline for a candidate to qualify for that election by paying a fee was approximately a month away, which was the path chosen by most candidates;
  • While “multiple mailings could confuse some voters,” there was “[m]ore than enough time … for the state to assuage any uncertainty,” especially when no one had yet cast a ballot; and
  • While “administrative burdens” related to equipment maintenance and voter-roll review were legitimate concerns, evidence showed that the state had significant administrative experience in adjusting to changes in the time, place, and manner of elections.

No. 22-30333 (June 12, 2022).

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