This spring, the City of Houston, in partnership with Smart City innovators, unveiled a number of digital kiosks at several locations around downtown and the surrounding areas. Each digital wayfinder or IKE, Interactive Kiosk Experience, is designed to provide information about the city’s many resources.  

Residents can use the kiosks to explore our city’s attractions, including the often-overlooked programs, events, activities, cultural institutions and more that might inspire even the most veteran Houstonians to become tourists in their own city.

Visitors who are unfamiliar with the area can also find information about the city’s offerings — everything from the Arboretum to the Zoo — and plan what to do while spending time here. 

Anyone can search for social services, civic organizations, cultural institutions, public transportation routes, and so much more.  

Each category of interaction and discovery is updated as the availability of resources and services changes. When new transportation routes, scheduled events, seasonal activities, and opportunities for exploration evolve over time and throughout the year, IKE keeps it all current.  

We visited an IKE kiosk recently at the corner of Prairie and Main. We searched for local libraries and were happy to find that we, the Harris County Robert W. Hainsworth Law Library, topped the list.

Visit an IKE kiosk near you and look us up! We’ll be here providing our own wayfinding services as we help you navigate the justice system and locate resources to meet your personal legal needs. Happy exploring, Houston!