Fresh Start is an inaugural program launched by the Harris County misdemeanor court judges aimed at providing low-level offenders with the opportunity to successfully rehabilitate and re-enter the work force. The one-day event features two main services – criminal record sealing for eligible participants and a community resource fair.

Attendees can sign up for a pre-screening to find out if they are eligible to have their criminal record sealed. Those eligible can participate in proceedings at the Bayou City Community Court, which will be held on site and will be staffed with a judge.

The Fresh Start Resource Fair is open to everyone and will offer COVID-19 vaccines, job coaching, resume building, help with state benefit applications, and educational resources.

The next Fresh Start will be held Saturday, May 14th, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Yet Center. The Yet Center is located at 4900 Providence St. in Finnigan Park.

For more information and for future event dates, visit the Fresh Start Program & Community Resource Fair website.

Find out if you’re eligible to seal your criminal record from public view at Clear Your Record – Harris County.

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