The job of a marine pilot is extremely important. It can also be extremely dangerous. From negligent boat captains to high seas, there are many issues that can put a marine pilot’s life on the line. Even if an accident isn’t life-threatening, it can still cause life-altering injuries. From chronic pain and physical disabilities to mounting medical bills and the inability to earn a living, accidents on the water often leave marine pilots facing substantial losses. 5 Important Facts About Injured Marine Pilots’ Legal Rights If you are a marine pilot and you have been injured on the job, here is what you need to know about your legal rights: 1. Marine Pilots Can Seek Compensation for All Types of Accidents The marine pilot’s job is unique in that it entails a broad range of risks. While marine pilots are tasked with ensuring that large ships make it safely to port, marine pilots’ own safety often goes ignored. As a result, marine pilots frequently suffer injuries in accidents involving: Negligent pilot boat operation Negligent operation of large ships and other vessels Being forced to pilot vessels in dangerous weather or sea conditions Pilot ladder (or Jacob’s ladder) failures Slips, trips, and falls on deck Falls overboard Collisions between pilot boats and other vessels 2. Marine Pilots Can Seek Compensation for All Types of Injuries If you were injured on the job as a marine pilot, there is a good chance that you are entitled to financial compensation regardless of the […]

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