The Urban Dictionary associates the phrase “been had” with the buyer of an unintendedly green ring. The Fifth Circuit associates the phrase with the “buyer” of a JAMS arbitration:

Here the parties’ arbitration agreements called for arbitration pursuant to JAMS Comprehensive Arbitration Rules and Procedures, which included the right of JAMS to terminate the arbitration proceedings for nonpayment of fees by any party. Exercising this right, JAMS terminated the arbitration proceeding following the Fund’s nonpayment. Following the lead of our sister circuits, we conclude that arbitration ‘has been had.’ Even though the arbitration did not reach the final merits and was instead terminated because of a party’s failure to pay its JAMS fees, the parties still exercised their contractual right to arbitrate prior to judicial resolution in accordance with the terms of their agreements.

Noble Capital Fund Mgmnt. LLC v. US Capital, No. 21-50609 (April 13, 2022) (footnotes omitted) (emphasis added).

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