What type of law do you practice and what sorts of cases are you typically involved in?
I am an asbestos attorney. I represent clients who have been exposed to asbestos and as a result, developed asbestosis, lung cancer, and/or mesothelioma cancer.

What made you want to become an attorney?
I was interested in the legal system, and I wanted to pursue a career where I could advocate for others. I also wanted to pursue a career where I could be challenged and grow as a professional.

What’s the most memorable case you’ve been involved in and why? 
My most memorable case was a Spanish speaking Mesothelioma client in Houston because I signed-up the case; had to translate all client meetings; and translated the deposition preparation meetings. I was heavily involved in the case, because I am bilingual, which gave me the privilege to create a close connection with the client and his family. Additionally, this opportunity allowed me to expand my knowledge of asbestos exposures related to refineries and power plants; asbestos literature; and case strategy. Further, I got hands-on experience that has enabled my success in recent lung cancer and mesothelioma client meetings and depositions.

What’s something your job has taught you? 
Under the mentorship of Darren McDowell and Steve Schulte, I have learned how to work-up asbestos cases. They have taught me how to take effective depositions and help me bolster my confidence as an attorney. They have taught me to not be afraid, take risks, and learn from my mistakes.

What’s the most memorable case you’ve been involved in and why? 
I enjoy serving the community (locally and internationally). I have served the homeless community in Denton and Dallas; volunteered at Catholic Charites Dallas; and translated a non-profit’s resource pages based out of Nicaragua from Spanish to English. I traveled to the Dominican Republic through UT Austin Global Medical Training, and we provided free medical examinations to underprivileged communities. I also helped rebuild a home in New Orleans that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina through UNT Alternative Spring Break.

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