If you are looking for any words of great wisdom here, (other than learning about the best gin and the best tonic in the world) I would move on. Several of you have sent me emails asking how I am doing and I thought this might be a good way to let you know. At the very least it is a good way for me to talk to old friends.

I am sitting in front of the computer at 5:00 on Monday, March 7. As you likely recall two weeks ago I had surgery to remove cancer in my neck. I believe the surgery went well and last Tuesday the surgeon’s practical nurse removed the tubes and stitches from my neck.

I am sitting here wanting to have an alcoholic beverage. Shortly before doctors discovered my cancer I was introduced to Monkey 47 Gin and Fever-Tree Tonic Water. I like both but not together. I had a price shock the first time I bought the gin. As a result I only want it in a martini.

People have asked how I am doing and I thought I would share my response with all of you. Based on what the surgeon said, I assume the surgery went well. It has been two weeks and I still have no feeling in my left ear and my left cheek. I had problems swallowing likely from the tubes that had been down my throat.

The speech therapist said it is swollen and greatly irritated there. She put me on a diet I would best describe as “don’t eat or drink anything you really like, and stock up on jello, pudding, bananas etc.” I am not drinking alcohol. She told me not to drink coffee so I cheat on that. In any event I can swallow better.

We go Wednesday to see the oncologist and the radiologist. Nancy thinks it is likely I will be doing at least the radiation. If so, that will start a couple of weeks from now and will be Monday thru Friday for six or seven weeks. There are many potential side effects including what will happen to my teeth and my mouth.

Most of you know we are building a home in Cabo San Lucas. We were supposed to be able to move in March 14. When they send us photos it always looks like a lot to get done in an extremely short period of time. That said it looks like I won’t be staying there for at least a few weeks.