“Karen does indeed have Article III standing to bring this suit. She seeks money damages to address the death of her son, which was allegedly caused by Defendants’ conduct. So she has sufficiently alleged all three elements required to establish Article III standing at this stage. … The defect here, by contrast, is one of prudential standing. And prudential standing does not present a jurisdictional question, but ‘a merits question: who, according to the governing substantive law, is entitled to enforce the right?’ … And a violation of this rule is a failure of “prudential” standing. ‘[N]ot one
[of our precedents] holds that the inquiry is jurisdictional.’ It goes only to the validity of the cause of action. And ‘the absence of a valid … cause of action does not implicate subject-matter jurisdiction.’” Abraugh v. Altimus, No. 21-30205 (Feb. 14, 2022) (citations omitted) (emphasis added, citations omitted).

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