Dallas attorney Majed Nachawati: Power suppliers’ failure to prepare led to hundreds of deaths across Texas 


DALLAS – A news team from WFAA-TV in Dallas featured Fears Nachawati founder Majed Nachawati in a report exploring the human toll of the 2021 Texas winter storm blackout and the ongoing legal ramifications for those responsible. 

“When you combine irresponsibility at the governmental level with deregulation gone awry, bad things happen,” Mr. Nachawati told WFAA reporter Jobin Panicker. 

The Feb. 16 report explored the tragic loss of life that occurred when woefully unprepared power providers and the electrical grid operated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas experienced a catastrophic failure despite ample warning from weather forecasts. The widespread loss of electricity during prolonged subfreezing conditions placed people across the state in a life-and-death fight for survival. According to published news accounts, the estimated death toll reached more than 700, far higher than official counts. 

Garland resident Alan Brockelman told WFAA how his mother, Kimberly Smith, died after the home they shared lost power for 40 hours. Ms. Smith, who was paralyzed with only limited use of her hands, relied on an electric medical bed to sit up and change positions. Mr. Brockelman recounted desperately trying to keep his mother warm and feeling betrayed by power providers that “placed profit over people” by failing to prepare. 

Fears Nachawati trial lawyers have taken a leadership role in lawsuits seeking justice for those injured and killed during the storm, as well as businesses and individuals who suffered property damage. 

Click here to read the Fears Nachawati lawsuit filed on behalf of Ms. Smith’s family. Click here to see the WFAA report. 

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