Hoyt’s “Blue Skies and Blood” was the earliest book I had on the Battle of the Coral Sea, and I later discovered he had written a number of others on different stages of the Pacific War, which I started to pick up as I saw them.  This volume picks up after “Storm Over the Gilberts”, which I have, and is followed by another on Leyte Gulf – which I saw at a HP Books last month and chose not to bring home.

It’s not a knock on this book as much as it is on Leyte – there are numerous more recent books on the subject, and while Hoyt is readable, my research into his books indicates he tends to churn out volumes that don’t really add to the existing knowledge on a topic.  But for this book that wasn’t a problem, since there isn’t a lot of literature on the drive across the Central Pacific in the first six months of June 1944, and that’s a subject I was particularly interested in.  The Gilberts campaign was very much a trial run for the long-anticipated drive, and this book explains how that matured.

It’s a good book, and a very informative addition on this corner of the conflict.