Contracts come in many forms. From the contract you sign when getting your car serviced to the agreement you sign when leasing a new apartment, contracts are a part of doing business, no matter how large or small the transaction. Yet, many people sign these documents not fully understanding the meaning of the words and phrases used or the import of those terms. Whether you are the owner of a small business or a customer, you need to understand what you are signing. Attorney Richard Stim hopes to dispel some of the mysteries surrounding contract language with his book, Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference. An A to Z guide defining common contract terms, Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference will help the reader understand not only contract terms and the types of contracts but also learn some fundamentals about contracts including negotiating strategies, what happens when a breach occurs, and how to amend or modify a contract. Readers will also find examples of contract provisions and sample clauses to use when drafting their own agreements. Whether you are a lawyer, a small business owner, or otherwise a party to a contract, Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference will help you understand the agreement you are executing.