The EEOC announced that companies that are required to complete EEO-1 reports must do so no later than November 15, 2021 (see this prior article to determine whether your company must file the report). The deadline to file was October 25, 2021, however, the EEOC announced this limited and final extension. Employers will no longer be able to file the report after the 15th.

In, addition, the EEOC stated that any employer that has already requested assistance from the Filer Support Help Desk and has a pending help desk ticket will be able to file the report once those requests are addressed.

Why should employers be concerned about filing the report? As I mentioned in a prior article:

Accurately reporting the data is even more important this year since reporting pay data may again be required (as it was in the 2018 report). Vice President Harris supports adding pay data to the EEO-1 report and the Obama Administration added this requirement before the EEOC removed it under the Trump administration. Any pay data from the EEO-1 report may eventually be used by the EEOC and others as evidence that a company treats employees with a specific protected characteristic (i.e., race or gender) differently than other individuals in the same job category.

This year is a chance to look for possible pay disparities among these categories of employees. Employers should consider conducting a pay audit in addition to filing their EEO-1 reports, regardless of the official documentation required.

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