In addition to other points about “apex depositions,” the supreme court rejected an argument that an unreasonable delay barred mandamus relief:

“American reasonably explained the year-long period between the trial court’s order compelling Eberwein’s deposition and American’s mandamus filing in the court of appeals. The record establishes that American did not receive notice of the order until four months after its issuance. At that point, the parties were on notice that the order set preconditions to Eberwein’s deposition by requiring Arnette to serve a new deposition notice designating deposition topics. To date, neither has occurred, with no explanation on Arnette’s part. As the trial date loomed, first in December 2020 and now in December 2021, American prudently sought mandamus relief to avoid the necessity of rescheduling the trial. On this record, the delay is neither unexplained nor unreasonable.”

In re American Airlines, Inc., No. 20-0789 (Oct. 22, 2021) (per curiam) (reaching a different conclusion than the Fifth Court of Appeals did in 2020.

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