Keep Holidays Accident and Injury Free

By now, most of us have put up all our holiday decorations and are enjoying the majestic quality of lit up houses and trees in windows. Decorations add to our overall Christmas spirit and spiked eggnog compensates when we start losing our holiday cheer. And we all know traveling with our families for hours on end in holiday traffic while listening to the same Christmas songs again, and again, can sometimes lead to our insanity.

Holiday vacation is no break from possible injuries. It could even happen at the company party. And the injuries could be no joke. In North Carolina there’s no workers comp benefits at the holiday party.

The joy that comes with the holidays can quickly turn to tragedy and we need to be aware of the most common forms of injury during the holidays in order to avoid a tragic situation. As part of our gift to you this year, we wanted to ensure that you have a safe holiday season.

Holiday Accidents in the U.S.

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