The appellant in Square 9 Softworks v. SIPS Consults Corp. appealed the denial of its special appearance, arguing that because it proved itself to be a nonresident, that showing sufficed in the absence of adequate jurisdictional allegations. Unfortunately, it did not appeal the striking of the declaration that would have established that matter:

“In this case, however, even if we assume SIPS failed to plead sufficient jurisdictional facts, the only evidence submitted by Square 9 to prove it was not a Texas resident, and the only evidence it points to on appeal, is the sworn declaration signed by Frattini that was struck in its entirety from the record by the trial court. Square 9 does not challenge the trial court’s striking of the sworn declaration. Accordingly, we cannot consider the declaration as part of the evidence to be considered on appeal.”

No. 05-20-01116-CV (Oct. 11, 2021) (mem. op.)

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