There’s always “that” customer, who brings rude remarks and behavior along with repeat business. In Sansone v. Jazz Casino Co., No. 20-30640 (Sept. 1, 2021), “that” customer led to a prima facie case about a hostile work environment: “The unidentified Harrah’s customer frequently asked Sansone about her sex life and expressed his desire to sleep with her. He commented on her breasts and physical appearance and directed sexual gestures towards her. His comments were made in the presence of others and occurred at least two times a week for a significant period of time. This contrasts with instances where we have held a smaller stint within a lengthy period of employment was not sufficiently pervasive to support a hostile work environment claim.” (citations omitted, applying Farpella-Crosby v. Horizon Health Care, 97 F.3d 803, 806 (5th Cir. 1996)).

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