Amazing. This word is trotted out so often, it sometimes seems to have lost its meaning. After all, almost anything in your daily life can earn this praise — even a good meal can be followed by “that was amazing.” You might say this word multiple times a day, and now you may even be amazed to find yourself noticing that fact tomorrow. So why in the world would this word, of all words, be a key part of our mission statement?

It starts with the story of a time traveller — sent back in time, she makes the slightest change in a single moment, and we watch the effects of that simple action ripple forward in time until the world she left is radically altered. To her surprise, even a relatively small act can have an outsized effect as it expands in existence. We are that time traveller in the here and now, and we are altering the ever-approaching future with the decisions we make each day.

The good news? The global future we are moving into is gleaming with incredible possibilities, and we have every reason to be optimistic about the world we live in. Even better, like a wisened time traveller, we can make conscious choices to shift the future even further in the direction we want to go.

At Creedon, we do this in two major ways:

First, we strive to work with clients who see the same future and want to help shape it — clients like Balanced Media Technology, a company that “empowers gaming communities to help solve real-world problems through data science innovation and human intuition.” By helping these clients succeed, we magnify our own efforts through the power of collaboration, and we learn new ways of thinking to further develop our firm. We understand that our clients can teach us powerful lessons if we are willing to learn from them, and that this feedback loop is fundamental to our purpose.

Second, we commit our time, energy, and money towards good works that improve the lives of those around us. It begins with dedicating 5% of our gross revenue to our value of Do Right, finding ways to help fund efforts that are building this future. It continues with our commitment to spend 2.5% of our billable time on pro bono matters, offering legal services to support long-term stability and opportunity. And it closes with 2.5% equivalent of our billable time doing hands-on service projects that get us away from the computer and into our community. Each of these is grounded in our mission and our values, and provides another feedback loop to help us increase the impact of our efforts over time.

As we say in the Creedon PLLC Handbook, “All of us can improve our lives and the lives of those around us. We believe that astounding possibilities are within reach every single day.” And that, quite simply, is wondrous . . . and extraordinary . . . and amazing.