Beginning this week, visitors to the Law Library will pass beneath a reminder of Harris County’s civil rights history and a leader who pressed for equal access to the law for all. The name of local attorney Robert W. Hainsworth now appears above the Law Library’s entrance. Earlier this year, Harris County Commissioner’s Court unanimously passed a resolution to rename our century-old institution in honor of Mr. Hainsworth, who sued the county in 1951 to end segregation policies that limited African American attorneys to the use of one table when conducting legal research. Thanks to Mr. Hainsworth’s leadership and determination, the Law Library is now open equally to all. We hope the sign above the entrance will inspire visitors to learn more about Mr. Hainsworth and his work for equality for years to come.

To learn more about Mr. Hainsworth and his fight for equal access to the Law Library, please visit our digital exhibit titled Robert W. Hainsworth.