This post follows up on a recent post about Retail Services WIS Corp. v. Crossmark, Inc., a preliminary-injunction case involving the alleged misuse of trade secrets. The Fifth Court identified problems with the emphasized terms in various parts of a temporary-injunction order (some of which were repeated throughout the order):

  • “The Court further finds that the CROSSMARK Confidential Information and Trade Secrets and other confidential and proprietary business information of CROSSMARK and business relationships of CROSSMARK are assets belonging solely to CROSSMARK.”
  • “For purposes of this Temporary Injunction, ‘Covered Clients and Customers’  means those persons or entities that CROSSMARK provided services to and that the Former Employees either had contact with, supervised employees who had contact with, or received proprietary information about within the last twenty-four (24) months period that they were employed by CROSSMARK.”
  • A ban on recruiting “any persons formerly or currently employed by or associated with Crossmark.”
  • “directly or indirectly . . . taking any steps to cause any current client or
    customer of CROSSMARK, including [Client X and Client Y], to divert, withdraw,
    curtail or cancel any of their business with CROSSMARK.”
  • Deletion of data about “existing or prospective customers or clients of CROSSMARK, as well as ”CROSSMARKinformation” and “other digital storage devices.”

No. 05-20-00937-CV (May 4, 2021) (mem. op.).

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