Our firm is driven by our mission statement We Help Inspiring People Build One Amazing Future, but this is a phrase that requires some unpacking. Over eight blog posts, working backwards, we’ll walk through what these words mean to us, and why they are so central.

To begin, this mission springs from my deep personal belief that lawyers are a force for good — we have the ability to right wrongs, to promote equality and opportunity, and to support the most innovative people in the world as they create the future we’re all moving towards.

But what is that “future” and why do we care so much about it? At Creedon, we have boundless optimism that we are living in one of the greatest periods of human history: one defined by unparalleled improvement in quality of life, deepening of human values, and recognition of our place in a single planetary community bound to rise and fall together. We are moving towards a future full of social justice, commitment to ecological health, use of technology to improve the lives of those most at risk, and the broad expansion of political voice to millions who have traditionally been left out.

The video below, from Peter Leyden by way of The Long Now Foundation, spends about 40 minutes laying out why we believe in this future — and why you should too.