An important question about statutes bearing on the ability of a federal court to hear a matter is whether they are “jurisdictional,” or only speak to issues of “claim-processing.” See, e.g., Reed Elsevier, Inc. v. Muchnick, 559 U.S. 154 (2010). In Rivero v. Fidelity Investments, “[e]xamining the text and structure of the [Declaratory Judgment Act]’s federal-tax exception” led to the conclusion that it was jurisdictional: “[T]he statute plainly ‘speak[s] to the power of the court.’ … [T]he juxtaposition of the DJA’s reference to federal courts’ jurisdiction and the federal-tax exception indicates that the latter deprives a court of jurisdiction that might otherwise exist in cases ‘with respect to Federal taxes.’” The court also noted holdings in cases about a similarly-worded provision of the Anti-Injunction Act. No. 20-40371 (June 10, 2021) (citations omitted).

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